Custom Order


$15 Non Exclusive: I can add to shop for other customers to purchase with limited downloads. Includes 1-3 Main elements any additional hand drawn elements cost additional $4-6 per element depending on design. 

$35 Full Exclusive: I cannot sell in shop.

$12 PNG Non Exclusive: I can sell in shop. Includes 1-2 Main Elements. Additional elements to be drawn are $5 per element  

$22 PNG Exclusive: PNG Exclusivity only applies to me not being allowed to sell the same PNG to others. Please note that I may still be able to create a seamless with any PNG I make. I’m open to discussing if you’d like me NOT to make a seamless with your PNG. 

If your looking for a unique custom seamless file or PNG,  simply message me on FB or email to discuss details. Price list is shown above.